Brillie History Page

In 1908 Charles Féry, a French Physist invented a clock. Lucien Brillie and Charle Le Roy,
together developed Charles fery's design into the Brillie we know today
It was initially powered by one of Charles Féry other inventions the Féry pile
Fery Pile advertisement
The Brillie Company was created in 1897 by
engineer Lucien Brillié
The Brillie Brothers Workshop was founded in 1899
28, Boulevard De Villiers in Levallois-Perret
If you have something you can add to this history, or any corrections,
please contact me. I'll will be most pleased
to learn more of the story myself
To be continued.... I can see this could take some time,
as there doesn't seem to be a wealth of information on the
internet beyond the basics. Hopefully, with the
help of enthusiast we can build on this basic history